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  • Client: Asbestos / Lead Abatement
  • Location: Portland Oregon
  • Date: 2020
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Asbestos / Lead Abatement

Hiprovac is a licensed Asbestos Removal company servicing clients throughout Oregon. Our goal is to provide cost effective services to our clients, while performing services in a professional manner using quality materials and maintaining high safety standards.


Asbestos was used for many years in building construction and it can be found in many forms and places such as pipe insulation, plasters, joint compound, roofing, electrical insulation, ceilings, walls and as a fireproofing material in buildings. Asbestos used to be a great insulation material until late 19th century when its deadly health effects came to light. Continued exposure to asbestos has proven to be a significant health hazard, linked to serious illnesses such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. Removing asbestos improperly can increase potential exposures. Only use a licensed asbestos abatement contractor like us to remove asbestos.

Our expertise, experience and equipment will protect you and the environment from exposure to this hazardous material during the abatement process. Using state-of-the-art equipment, advanced systems, and fully trained and certified workers, we can help you meet your legal, health, and safety requirements.  Our extensive background and experience has allowed us to successfully conduct asbestos removal projects for a diverse client base on the following types of projects:

• Renovation

• Demolition

• Operation and Maintenance


We provide a full scope of services to support any Lead Abatement or Removal projects, including abatement, dust decontamination, encapsulation, containment, component removal, and disposal.

Hiprovac has performed a wide variety of successful lead, lead dust and lead paint abatement projects for commercial and industrial facilities, projects where security and safety is of utmost importance.  Our teams safely remove and dispose of lead based paints, coatings, contaminants, and lead bearing components with minimal disruption to operations, using a variety of techniques that include:

• Mechanical lead paint removal–brushes, scrapers

• Chemical stripping paint and coating removal

• Decontamination of lead dust with HEPA vacuum

• Transportation and disposal of lead contaminated soil

• Removal of lead containing components

• Window and frame removal for high rise buildings

Are you in need of Asbestos/Lead abatement services? The team at Hi-Provac has the experience and equipment necessary to properly take care of your home. Contact us to learn more today